International Executive Board Committees will be appointed for the duration of two years, beginning at each Conclave.

Those eligible to serve on an International Executive Board Committee are alumni members of the Fraternity or topic-specific experts, who may not necessarily be members of FarmHouse. Undergraduate brothers of the Fraternity may be included or asked to serve, as determined by the specific committee if appropriate and with approval of the International President and Executive Director.

Each committee will be comprised of at least three, but no more than five members, including a liaison representative from the International Executive Board. Once appointed, each committee will elect a chair and to serve for the two-year term.

Committee appointments will last two years with the option of continued service should the Committee be reappointed by the International Executive Board and should the volunteer wish to continue in this leadership role.

Volunteer/Committee Expectations

All committee volunteers are expected to:

  • Prepare for and attend all committee meetings.
  • Represent the ideals and mission of FarmHouse Fraternity.
  • Refrain from conflicts of interest or personal promotion.
  • Uphold the policies, procedures and practices of FarmHouse Fraternity.
  • Advocate for FarmHouse Fraternity and its members.
  • Prepare timely reports and gather/present information on the committee’s work as requested.
  • Help identify and recruit future leaders for the International Fraternity.

Committee volunteers are encouraged to make an annual donation to the FarmHouse Foundation to the program or fund of their choice.

All committees will regularly report to the International Executive Board on the issues it is addressing – this includes semi-annual reports presented to the International Executive Board and a biennium report of accomplishments at each Conclave.


Identify, interview and prepare slate of candidates and officers for the International Executive Board, to be voted on by the Conclave delegates.

Actively engage in the current efforts of the Fraternity and understand and promote its future strategic plan and goals.


Prepare application material, promote award opportunities, interview nominees and present recommendations for selection of the following awards: Outstanding President, Outstanding Recruiter, Outstanding Advisor, Community Service Man of the Year, Ruby Cup Selection, Master Builder of Men and Honorary Membership; per the Fraternity’s current outlined award procedures.

Work with the International Executive Board and staff to appropriately recognize and honor award recipients.


Provide oversight of the Fraternity’s annual audit.

Review and monitor investment strategies and investment policy.

Review the Fraternity’s annual budget and aid in budget forecast projections.

Review sponsorship agreements and help develop new leads.

Oversee vendor agreements.

Assist with chapter or association dues collection.

Additional Appointed Officers

As prescribed by the International Bylaws, at the direction of the International President and/or the current operating procedures of the International Fraternity, the following officers may be appointed:

  • Legal Counsel
  • Insurance/FRMT Director
  • Parliamentarian *
  • Sentinel *
  • Counter *
  • Chaplain **
  • Ritualist
  • Archivist
  • Editor
  • Executive Director/International Executive Board Secretary

* This officer is expected to attend Conclave and serve during the legislative sessions of the Fraternity’s opening and closing business meetings.

** When possible the Chaplain is encouraged to attend and preside at official FarmHouse events including Conclave and chartering ceremonies of newly installed chapters.

Additional Volunteer Opportunities

Beyond service to the International Fraternity’s Board-Appointed Committees, there are number of other volunteer opportunities that include the following:

  • Geographic alumni club volunteer
  • Local chapter advisor
  • Local alumni association board service
Educational program volunteer facilitators, including:
  • Leadership Institute, held each January in Kansas City.
  • Regional Leadership Conferences, held at three regional sites in February in odd-numbered years.
  • To Be and Become: An Emerging Talent Retreat held each May in Kansas City.
  • Conclave program assistants, held in August in odd-numbered years.
  • Chapter consultation and targeted visits
  • Association and advisor visits

If you have questions about any of these volunteer roles, duties, scope of work or responsibilities, please contact executive director, Christian Wiggins, at christian@farmhouse.org.