The mission of To Be and Become is to assist FarmHouse men in making conscious choices that affect their success. Determining how you can make an impact on your fraternity or campus can feel overwhelming. This three-day institute will equip you with the knowledge, skills and attitude that is needed to create positive change in your community.

Facilitated learning sessions and leadership challenges incorporate our central attributes – leadership, scholarship and fellowship – through independent reflection and purposeful social interactions with brothers.

Set in a retreat-style environment, 2022 will bring a new format for To Be and Become. FarmHouse will host the conference in the chapter facility at the University of Purdue campus. To Be and Become is a once in a lifetime opportunity for FarmHouse men. You’ll join other rising leaders from chapters across North America in an adventurous outdoor learning atmosphere that includes team building, personal and professional development activities.


The 2022 retreat is planning to return, with a special location at the FarmHouse Purdue Chapter house in West Lafayette, Indi. in May.

Those invited to apply and participate in To Be and Become are members that have joined within the last academic year. At least one man from every chapter and associate chapter will be selected to attend. Brothers are invited to apply online on or before April 15.

There is a registration fee of $150 to cover the cost of some expenses. The majority of participant costs – including travel, indoor lodging, meals, learning materials and adventure learning activities – are supported by the Fraternity and through the generous support of the FarmHouse Foundation.