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Nebraska Founded: 1911 University of Nebraska
Illinois Founded: 1914 University of Illinois
Kansas State Founded: 1921 Kansas State University
Iowa State Founded: 1927 Iowa State University
Oklahoma State Founded: 1928 Oklahoma State University
Minnesota Founded: 1931 University of Minnesota
Michigan State Founded: 1936 Michigan State University
Colorado State Founded: 1949 Colorado State University
Kentucky Founded: 1951 University of Kentucky
Purdue Founded: 1952 Purdue University
North Carolina State Founded: 1954 North Carolina State University
Arkansas Founded: 1954, 1999 University of Arkansas
North Dakota State Founded: 1955 North Dakota State University
Washington State Founded: 1955 Washington State University
Tennessee Founded: 1959 University of Tennessee
Mississippi State Founded: 1964 Mississippi State University
Oregon State Founded: 1964, 2019 Oregon State University
South Dakota State Founded: 1966 South Dakota State University
Auburn Founded: 1971 Auburn University
Alberta Founded: 1974 University of Alberta
Texas Tech Founded: 1978 Texas Tech University
Illinois State Founded: 1983 Illinois State University
Wisconsin-Platteville Founded: 1989 University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Western Kentucky Founded: 1995 Western Kentucky University
Clemson Founded: 1995, 2015 Clemson University
Troy Founded: 1995 Troy University
Texas A&M Founded: 2004 Texas A&M University
Ohio State Founded: 2010 (ATZ 1897) The Ohio State University
Virginia Tech Founded: 2011 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Tarleton State Founded: 2012 Tarleton State University
Southern Illinois Founded: 2014 Southern Illinois University
Wichita State Founded: 2017 Wichita State
Nevada Founded: 2018 University of Nevada, Reno
Wilmington College Founded: 2019 Wilmington College
Central Missouri Associate Chapter Founded: University of Central Missouri