This initiative focused on total member education comprises the the STAR Member Experience, which launched in 2016.

The sequence of programs and workshops is targeted to help every student member with…

  • S – Skills: Build skills and knowledge regarding alcohol use and consumption.
  • T – Tactics: Develop tactics and strategies for safe social events.
  • A – Accountability: Learn how to hold members accountable for their actions should they violate policy and intervene where needed.
  • R – Reverence: Exhibit respect and reverence for the fraternity and the larger community by being a good citizen.

The STAR Member Experience aims to enhance personal responsibility, while promoting the continued social fellowship opportunities afforded through chapter events and activities. Teams of trained volunteers and staff help deliver the curriculum for each component of STAR each semester through an on-campus, in-person workshop for the entire chapter.

As our ritual states, the star stands for excelsior, for a striving toward truth and the things highest and most noble. Through the education of all members on important topics of personal responsibility and social behavior, we will continue to strive for a high and noble FarmHouse member experience.