Successful 2018 Power of 7 Seminar

May 4, 2018

“The Power of 7 Seminar was one of the most important experiences I have had in my life,” said Alex Brauman (IL 16). A sentiment shared by all in attendance at the FarmHouse Foundation’s 12th Annual Power of 7 Seminar in Asheville, N.C., April 20-22, 2018. Randy Linville (KS 73) added, “It is simply the best way to transfer wisdom between top leaders from different generations – still a better practice for any organization.”

 Wisdom was certainly transferred as the alumni in attendance led roundtable discussions on building their careers and businesses, debated national and world challenges and how FarmHouse influences all of this. “After my experience, I can say it is a top-notch experience for upperclassmen looking at how they live as a FarmHouse man beyond their time as an undergraduate,” Jonathan Peuchen (KS 16) said.

 Opening the weekend, Jim Tobin (IA 76) and Jim Herbert (TN 61) shared stories and leadership lessons during the Clayton Yeutter (NE 49) Lecture: Lessons in Leadership. Another weekend highlight was a private guided tour of the Biltmore Estate and dinner in downtown Asheville.

 A special thank you to the Second 7 Founders who served as mentors and helped make the weekend possible: Rick Brock (PU 71), Jim Hendrix (CO 72), Jim Herbert (TN 61), Bob Knief (IL 89), Dick Kruse (KS 63), Randy Linville (KS 73), Jim Tobin (IA 76), Harold Tuma (KS 52), Ron Vaske (SD 87) and Jim Wieland (ND 72). Also, thank you to Steve Davis (OK 77) and Doug Sims (IL 65) who generously made Annual Fund gifts in support of the Power of 7 Seminar, but were unable to attend.

 Interested in attending in 2019? Save the Date – the 13th Annual Power of 7 Seminar will be held in April 2019. Undergraduate applications will be available next January. Alumni who make an unrestricted gift of $7,000 or more during the 2018-19 fiscal year are invited to attend this memorable and impactful Seminar and have the opportunity to mentor one of FarmHouse’s top undergraduates during the weekend. Contact Allison Rickels for more information.