Page Departing HQ Team

May 4, 2017

Dustin Page has announced he will depart the Fraternity headquarters staff this month, with his last day being May 17. Dustin served FarmHouse the last year as the Fraternity’s director of membership growth.


In this role he revised and streamlined chartering objectives, established campus assessment metrics for informing campus expansion decisions and future planning, developed CROP (the Colony Readiness and Orientation Program) a special curriculum for newly established colonies, led expansion efforts at the University of Nevada at Reno with the formation of the Colony in November 2016, assisted with the chartering objective fulfillment of the Wichita State Chapter and made numerous campus outreach visits and presentations to establish future expansion opportunities for FarmHouse including the Oregon State University, the University of North Georgia and Arizona State University in 2017-18.


Chad Harris, executive director, shared, “We are very appreciative of the caliber of work Dustin’s provided to FarmHouse in the last year in helping elevate, organize and execute new strategic focus for our membership growth initiative.” Harris continued, “During his tenure Dustin has been an awesome ambassador and advocate for FarmHouse and our high quality programs and the positive member experience we provide to students to his wide network of friends and colleagues across the higher education field and interfraternal organization spectrum, thank you!”


Page shared, “My time with FarmHouse has been short, but highly impactful. I’m thankful for the opportunity to help FarmHouse establish its membership growth initiatives, witness the success of FarmHouse’s new colonies, and interact with so many high-caliber men. FarmHouse is a special organization and I will cherish my time serving on the staff. I’m proud to call myself a Friend of FarmHouse and look forward to supporting the organization in the future.”


After several years in the fraternity and higher education arena, Page is pursuing a new professional field closer to his home in Atlanta and a new sector using his many talents in training and team development. We wish him all the best in his new professional endeavors!