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The Association Board assists the Chapter with its management of the house, strategic planning, and a variety of other areas. Effective FarmHouse Associations have frequent communication with the active Chapter and a strong working relationship between the Board, active Chapter, and broader Association. An effective Association board needs at least 7 alumni members and 2-3 undergraduate members, plus the Chapter advisory team. Depending on the size of the Association Board, here is a possible Association Board structure:

Executive Committee - authorized to conduct business on behalf of the Association Board, authorized to sign checks - 2 signatures required on all checks, must live within 1-2 hours distance of the Chapter, expected to meet monthly for Association Board Executive Committee Meetings and more frequently as needed:
1. Association President
2. Association Vice President (Housing)
3. Association Treasurer
4. Association Secretary

The remaining Association officers may live throughout the state or even in other nearby states within driving distance. These officers would be expected to attend at least quarterly meetings of the full Association Board and be responsible for specific areas:

Board Mentors to Chapter
5. Recruitment Mentor
6. Member Education/Programming Mentor
7. Risk Management Mentor

Additional Officers
8. Annual Founders Day Chair
9. Annual Homecoming Event Chair
10. Special Events Chair (Golf Tourney, Summer Picnic, Parents Day events)
11. Chapter Executive/Association Board Retreat Chair
12. Nominating Committee Chair
13. Alumni Newsletter Coordinator/Editor
14. Alumni Big Brother Coordinator
15. Alumni Phone-a-thon Coordinator

Chapter Representation on Association Board
16. Chapter President
17. Vice President - Finance
18. Director of House Operations

Chapter Advisory Committee (Ad-Hoc to Board) - each advisor would have specific focus (coordinate with Association to avoid unnecessary overlap) - each to focus on different areas - academic advisor (likely the faculty member), financial, recruitment, new member education
19. Senior Chapter Advisor
20. Chapter Advisor
21. Chapter Advisor

Other possible representatives to Association Board
22. Foundation Council Chairman
23. Mom's Club (or Parents' Club) Representative
24. Housemother

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