This three-day, outdoor adventure retreat helps our newest members develop their talents and identify their strengths for future success – in college, career, relationships and in FarmHouse!


The mission of To Be and Become is to assist FarmHouse men in discovering their unique individual talents at the beginning of the college experience. Attendees are expected to build upon their identified strengths and skills after they complete the program in order to better their academic performance, professional pursuits, and their fraternity chapter. Achieved through an exciting three-day retreat comprised of outdoor adventure learning, facilitated workshops and team building activities geared toward the development of leadership and personal growth, To Be and Become is a once in a life-time opportunity for FarmHouse men.

The program is a three-day institute set in a retreat-style environment. Events incorporate the four-fold mission of our Fraternity allowing for daily reflection, purposeful social interactions with brothers, and physical development through one-of-a-kind educational opportunities in an adventurous outdoor learning atmosphere. These hands-on experiences include a rope climbing wall, high and low ropes courses, and team sports. To Be and Become utilizes StrengthsQuest as the curriculum foundation during the educational sessions and program content. StrengthsQuest informs individuals about their most significant and innate talents. Brothers explore ways in which to maximize and build upon these strengths and natural talents for the betterment of themselves, their chapter, their campus, their relationships and their community.


Those invited to apply and participate in To Be and Become are members that have joined within the last academic year. At least one man from every chapter and colony will be selected to attend. Brothers are invited to submit a written application to the International office. 

There is a registration fee of $150 to attend To Be and Become, to help off-site meals and on-site expenses, but the majority of participant costs, including travel, lodging and the StrengthsQuest curriculum and adventure learning activities are supported by the Fraternity and through the generous support of the FarmHouse Foundation.