The “S” in FarmHouse stands for Service. As a result, FarmHouse members make it a priority to be involved in community service and philanthropy opportunities.

The Fraternity adopted the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society and Be The Match: National Bone Marrow Registry as its official philanthropies at the 2008 Conclave. The Fraternity continues its efforts to spread awareness and encourage others to join the National Bone Marrow Registry and raise money to benefit research at the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society.

Learn more about these organizations and our efforts in Honduras below.

When their 10-year-old daughter Laura was diagnosed with leukemia, Robert (Bob) Graves, D.V.M., and his wife Sherry were ready to do anything they could to save her. Desperate to save her life, they turned to alternative treatment options. They agreed to try the first ever bone marrow transplant for a leukemia patient from an unrelated donor.

Laura received her transplant in 1979. And it worked. The success of the treatment inspired the Graves to give other families the same hope for a cure. Thanks to Dr. Graves, other patient families, doctors, congressional support and funding from the U.S. Navy, a national registry of volunteers willing to donate bone marrow was born.

The National Marrow Donor Program has evolved to become Be the Match: The National Bone Marrow Donor Registry. Since its founding in 1987, Be the Match efforts resulted in 61,000 transplants, with 6,300 transplants in 2014 alone. Over 250 research studies are supported annually related to cancer research. Assistance was provided to 1,800 patients in need of treatment, totaling $3.2 million in financial support last year. And most importantly, in 2014 540,000 new potential donors were added to the Registry, of which 44 percent were racially and ethnically diverse. What started as a select, disconnected, few donors, in files in the Graves family basement, today is a Registry of over 11 million donors in the United States and 22.5 million potential donors worldwide. Read the full version of this story in a 2015 issue of Pearls & Rubies.

At the 2008 Conclave, at the request of then undergraduate brother, John Romine (PU ’08), FarmHouse adopted Leukemia-Lymphoma Society (LLS) as one of its national philanthropies. John, who, at the time was undergoing treatments for Hodgkins’ Lymphoma knew it was time to adopt a national organization to benefit from the service of FarmHouse men. Romine passed away from the disease in December 2008.

Today, FarmHouse men across the country host annual “Totally Baldacious” events to raise money and register potential bone marrow donors. Chapter members would volunteer to have their heads shaved to raise money and awareness for LLS. You can apply for a grant to host an event on your campus at the link below.

Partnering with Heart to Honduras, the Fraternity supports international development and relief efforts in the Central American country. In doing so, members learn about themselves, learn the value of community, broaden their world view and develop an appreciation for experiences new and previously unfamiliar.

Learn more about the Heart to Honduras organization HERE.