“We are very proud of our son and his involvement in FH. Not only has it helped him academically, but it has broadened his social network with others in the same field.”

-John & Molly Rieke, FH parents

“I believe FarmHouse is what kept my son in college. It gave him confidence, and that’s why I’m so supportive of the FarmHouse experience today. It changed his life.”

-Marsha Kruessel, FH parent

“After he joined FarmHouse, we saw a positive change in our son. His grades soared and he found his niche with young men that shared his interests. We are so thankful he is a part of the FarmHouse community.”

-John & Diana Goettemoeller, FH parents

Frequently Asked Questions

Merriam-Webster defines fraternity as: “A group of people associated or formally organized for a common purpose, interest, or pleasure: such as a men’s organization formed chiefly for social purposes having secret rites and a name consisting of Greek letters.” Two aspects in this definition are what set FarmHouse apart from other fraternities. First, we are a Greek Fraternity, but we don’t have Greek letters. FarmHouse is an acronym of our values: Faith, Ambition, Reverence, Morality, Honesty, Obedience, Unity, Service, and Excellence. Second, we have a completely open ritual. This means no secrets. Family, friends and faculty are often invited to attend meals, events and ceremonies associated with the ritual of our membership.

FarmHouse is open to undergraduate men studying any major at a four-year university who meets our academic standard. FarmHouse does not discriminate on any basis except sex. For a complete statement on FarmHouse Fraternity’s Policy on Diversity and Inclusion check out our Bylaws and Policies.

FarmHouse is dedicated to building the whole man through Four-Fold Development: Intellectually, Spiritually, Socially/Morally, Physically. Men are expected to strive for excellence in these Four Pillars and to live by The Object of our Fraternity, a statement of what we believe and what we strive for as men of FarmHouse. The Object and more information in relation to FarmHouse’s principles can be found on the About Page.

Once a man joins FarmHouse, he will be expected to meet his financial obligations until he graduates from his university. As an undergraduate member, the following obligations are expected to be met:

  • Initiation Fee of $200 includes the cost of the Standard Membership Badge, Membership Plaque, and a lifetime subscription to FarmHouse’s magazine Pearls and Rubies.
  • Membership Dues of $145 due each semester
  • Insurance Assessment of ~$115 due each semester

Chapters are also expected to create their operating budgets and collect semester dues from their members beyond the national fees. These semester dues are invested back into the chapter and its members and are typically used for activities such as leadership and educational programs, social events and philanthropy and service projects.

FarmHouse prides itself on being a leader in academics among its peers. We understand that your son cannot be part of our organization unless he is doing well in school, so academics always come first. Of course, there is a time commitment expected of him to the Fraternity, but this commitment is shaped to avoid interfering with schoolwork. In fact, graduation rates and academic excellence is greater among members of the Fraternity in comparison to nonmembers. More than 70% of our students have a grade point average above that of their Greek and non-Greek peers.

It has been said that FarmHouse is a little organization that acts big. Among our peers, we boast one of the larger selections of national education programs available to members. Your son will have the opportunity to participate in programs ranging from leadership institutes, to service immersion trips, to emerging talent retreats. A full list of programs offered at the International level can be found on the Programs Page. On average, one in four students attend an International provided leadership experience each biennium.

Your son also has a great deal of leadership opportunities available at the local level. He has the opportunity to gain valuable experience in running what is essentially a small business as an executive or support officer within his chapter. Local programs are designed at the chapter level to further leadership and education for all of its undergraduate member. Post graduation he can continue his leadership in a role in a local FarmHouse Chapter Association if he so chooses.

FarmHouse does not tolerate hazing in any form. Our Philosophy of Respect speaks to how we expect members to treat each other. Further policies can be found within our Policy Manual.

FarmHouse prides itself in providing a safe, learning environment for its chapters. As part of this commitment, no alcohol or drugs are allowed on property for chapters that own a house. All members are expected to uphold the law and adhere to drinking alcohol safely if they choose to drink at all. Drugs or controlled substances are strictly prohibited. For more information please refer to our Bylaws and Policies.

Leadership experience, valuable personal and professional skills, networking with alumni and other professionals, the opportunities that the FarmHouse experience provides are countless. More than just useful skills to prepare for a career, FarmHouse provides a framework through its core values, motto and Object in which to lead a successful life in all aspects.

We ask you to be supportive and take an active interest your son’s FarmHouse experience. We also ask that you hold him and our organization accountable to our values and promises. If you ever have concerns regarding his experience please contact us.

More information and the process for your son to join can be found on the Join FARMHOUSE Page.