FarmHouse Announces Staff Changes

February 17, 2020

Almost three years ago, FarmHouse Fraternity made a new investment in our students in the form of a more robust staff. Funded through the FarmHouse Foundation and generous donors, the Fraternity was able to grow the number of consultants to six and hire a Director of Education. These changes enabled us to strengthen relationships, revise existing educational programming and begin meeting student needs at a level previously not possible. 

We recognize commitment to progress means staying focused on the evolving needs of not only our students, but also volunteers. It is in this same spirit we announce changes to the FarmHouse staffing model, the departure of four staff members, welcome a few new faces to the team and congratulate others on their new roles.

The Fraternity will move away from our traditional consultation program, which has served us for two decades, to a model that blends staff members who visit chapters. Effective immediately, we are moving to a model that seeks to retain staff for more than one year, which we believe will continue to add value at the chapter level. Additionally, this new model will enable staff members to specialize in one area of support, while still working with their specific chapters.


New Hires


Cody Cramer (Oklahoma State 08) will join the Fraternity’s team on March 3 as Assistant Executive Director for Communication and Alumni Engagement. In this position, he will supervise three staff members who will further strengthen our commitment to effective alumni communication, a new national alumni engagement strategy and a new, innovative association support model. 

Cody is an alumnus of the Oklahoma State Chapter of FarmHouse. He was initiated in 2008 and brings to FarmHouse seven years of higher education experience. Cody has experience in student recruitment, orientation and transition. Most recently, he has served as the Coordinator of Transition and Retention Communications for Oklahoma State University.

Cody has a bachelor’s degree in agribusiness and a master’s degree in agricultural communication, both from Oklahoma State University. He was a 2011 attendee of the Power of 7 Seminar, has been a facilitator at FarmHouse Leadership Institute and served as a FarmHouse Regional Director from 2016-2018.

Cramer said, “I can’t wait to join the team and work for an organization that provided me with so many opportunities as an undergraduate. I want to help FarmHouse continue to be a leader in the fraternity experience.”


Kahlin McKeown will join the team on March 3 as Assistant Executive Director for Student Engagement. In this position, she will supervise five staff members and lead the Fraternity’s chapter servicing efforts, chapter operations and Fraternity systems, volunteer recruitment, retention and education, student educational programming, expansion and growth initiatives, risk prevention and risk response. 

Kahlin comes to our team with ten years of experience in fraternity/sorority programs, most recently as a staff member at the University of Maryland. She is completing her doctorate in the Higher Education and Student Affairs program at the University of Maryland, where her research is focused on career pathways for fraternity/sorority professionals. 

Kahlin earned a master’s degree in College Student Personnel at Bowling Green State University and a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Delaware, where she joined Alpha Xi Delta Women’s Fraternity. She volunteers for the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors, Alpha Xi Delta and has also facilitated a number of programs for fraternity/sorority leaders on both a local and national level. 

“I am really excited to work for an organization with such a strong history, but also room to grow and adapt to the changing landscape of fraternity. The team at FarmHouse is already doing great work and I’m looking forward to being a part of it!” 


Curt Herzog will also join the team on March 3 as the role of Director of Growth and Development. In this position, he will lead the Fraternity’s growth efforts, including supporting the growth of existing chapters and the re-establishment of the University of Missouri Chapter this fall. Curt will also work with the FarmHouse Foundation to raise major and other gifts from donors annually.

Curt is an alumnus of Missouri State University, where he was a Founding Father of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. Following graduation, Curt worked for his Fraternity as a Leadership Consultant, Director of Growth, Director of Chapter Services and Major Gifts Officer. He has also worked for Pennington & Co., in a fundraising capacity. For the past two and a half years, Curt has been a Sales Manager with Ekos, a company focused on providing software solutions for the beverage industry. 

Curt has long been an advocate for FarmHouse, including fundraising for FarmHouse as an employee of Pennington, as well as a speaker and volunteer at the FarmHouse Leadership Institute. Curt said, “I am truly excited to join the FarmHouse team and work to focus on the continued growth of the organization.” 


Austin Peterson will join the FarmHouse Foundation staff as the Director of Annual Giving. His first day will be February 18. Austin is joining staff from the Kansas State University Foundation, where he has worked for nearly three years. His first role was as a Development Officer for university-wide fundraising initiatives. He was responsible for the identification of new Major Giving households and added over $25 Million in potential gifts. For the last 6 months, he has been a Program Manager, leading and managing the University’s Call Center with more than 25 student gift officers and staff. 

Prior to his nonprofit career, he was a 1st Lieutenant in the U.S. Army for three years before being medically discharged due to an injury. He served time as both an Armor Officer and an Operations Officer. He received numerous awards for his military service. As a student at Kansas State, he was involved in Army ROTC, Student Union Ambassadors, and served as President in the re-colonization of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. He graduated from Kansas State in 2015 and will complete his MBA from the University in May 2020.

He and his family will relocate to Kansas City this spring.




Gill Wilson (Clemson 2014) has been promoted to Associate Director of Chapter Development. In this role, Gill will lead the operations of the Fraternity, including billing and collections, Excelsior, OmegaFi and other crucial business systems.

Logan Weisenfels (Arkansas 2016) has been promoted to Assistant Director of Chapter Development and Risk Management. Logan will lead the organization’s risk prevention initiatives as well as risk response.

Luke Munchrath (Tarleton State 2017) has been promoted to Assistant Director of Chapter Development and Volunteer Support. In this role, he will lead the recruitment and retention initiatives for the Fraternity’s 36 chapters, as well as volunteer education initiatives.

Jacob Walter (Colorado State 2015) has been promoted to Assistant Director of Chapter Development and Education. Jacob will be responsible for the development and execution of the Fraternity’s conferences and chapter educational initiatives. 




FarmHouse announces four departures from the headquarters staff. Shane Jacques, who joined in November 2018 has departed to serve as Manager of Training and WFLO Institute at Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA). Shane has performed yeomen work for FarmHouse, including rewriting or revising curriculum for the FarmHouse Leadership Insitute, To Be and Become and the Power of 7 Seminar. Jacques also assisted in shaping chapter services resources, staff development and new member education.

Thomas Marten (Southern Illinois 2011) departed the FarmHouse Foundation staff in December 2019, following nearly three years of service in two positions, Director of Development and Director of the FH Excellence Fund. Marten has assumed the role of Executive Director of the Angus Foundation.

The other two departures are Jay Watkins (Virginia Tech 2014), who served two and a half years, and Jailyn Conner (Tarleton State 2015), who served seven months. Both of these men spent countless hours working with chapters, building relationships with students and volunteers and advancing the Fraternity’s mission.

We wish each of these men well as they take their next career steps.

There is tremendous excitement and opportunity that comes with new positions and new employees. It also means a transition period, which takes time to be fully implemented. We appreciate the support and understanding of our students, alumni, donors and friends, who continue to champion FarmHouse in remarkable ways.