Honorary Membership recognizes men of high character with great professional achievement, who embody the ideals and values of FarmHouse Fraternity. This type of membership in the Fraternity may only be conferred by the International Executive Board. To be eligible for Honorary Membership, a man:

  • Must be outstanding in his professional contributions and pursuits.
  • Must fulfill the objectives and high standards of FarmHouse.
  • Must be a source of inspiration to his peers and colleagues in his personal and professional communities.

Such a man is entitled, upon becoming a member, to enjoy the full rights and privileges granted to all members of the Fraternity. A man who is nominated for Honorary Membership in FarmHouse may not be a member of any other social fraternity.


Nominations for Honorary Membership should consist of a nomination letter from a FarmHouse chapter, alumni association, faculty advisory committee, chapter member or an alumni member of the Fraternity and a resume of the nominee. In addition to the nomination letter and resume, letters of support should be included from other sources, such as industry or business leaders, professional colleagues, university leadership or civic organization contacts.


Nominations are accepted at any time, but are reviewed on a biennial basis and due to the International Office by March 1, 2018 for consideration at the 50th Biennial Conclave. Address entries to:

Awards Chair
c/o FarmHouse International Fraternity
7306 NW Tiffany Springs Parkway, Suite 310
Kansas City, MO 64153

It is encouraged that materials be submitted via email to fhhq@farmhouse.org.

Submitted materials will be reviewed by the Awards Committee. Final selection of Honorary Membership is made by a vote of the International Executive Board of Directors, based on the recommendation of the Awards Committee.


Men invited to join FarmHouse Fraternity through Honorary Membership will be contacted by the International President. Honorary Members will be initiated at a time convenient and appropriate for the individual, but are encouraged and invited to attend the 50th Biennial Conclave,July 25-28, 2018, in Kansas City, Missouri, so that the Fraternity may recognize and welcome the Honorary Member publicly into the brotherhood of FarmHouse Fraternity.

Additional questions may be directed to Chad Harris at 816.891.9445 or by email, chad@farmhouse.org.