How to Endow a Scholarship

Establishing a scholarship to benefit current and future generations of FarmHouse men is easy, satisfying, and tax-deductible. Ten thousand dollars ($10,000) or more permanently endows a scholarship. The gift can be made in a lump-sum or spread out over up to 5 years. The gift can be out right, via bequest, or other deferred gift arrangement. For gifts of $10,000 or more, the Foundation staff will work with the donor to prepare a fund agreement to assure that the gift is used as the donor intends in perpetuity.

Scholarships can be for academic achievement and/or need. They can also be for the more broadly defined academic scholarship, study abroad or leadership scholarships for a number of men from the chapter of your choice to attend The FarmHouse Leadership Institute, The Regional Leadership Conferences, Emerging Talent Retreat or Conclave.

Contact Allison Rickels, Executive Director & CEO of the FarmHouse Foundation, at (816) 891-9445 or for more information or to begin the process of endowing a scholarship for FarmHouse undergraduates.

Gene (IA ’47) & Linda Lloyd

"We made this gift to pay forward to an organization that has impacted our lives. FarmHouse was an important part of my college heritage. With this gift, we want to recognize and reward outstanding academics in FarmHouse and help ensure the Fraternity’s rich tradition of academic excellence continues in the future." - Gene (IA ’47) & Linda Lloyd

Gene and Linda endowed an academic scholarship fund, which offers academic scholarships to four FarmHouse undergraduates from across North America each year.

Larry Hageman (OH ’78)

“It felt really, really, really good to see Father’s and Aunt Dorothy’s names among the chapter scholarships in the Annual Report!  I think that good feeling is what it is all about! They may be gone but their names will continue on.” - Larry Hageman (OH ’78)

Larry has endowed three scholarship funds with the FarmHouse Foundation, in memory of his family, for members of the Ohio State chapter. He has also endowed a scholarship open to all FarmHouse members majoring in Crop sciences.