Scholarship Application

All applicants or nominees must be initiated members of FarmHouse Fraternity (except for the Lloyd scholarship, which is open to female legacies of FarmHouse men), enrolled at a university hosting a FarmHouse chapter, carrying a schedule typical for their classification, living in the chapter house if an undergraduate and space is available, or in the city where the university is located if a graduate student, and have a grade point average above or equal to the chapter's average. Recipients are expected to maintain the foregoing criteria for the academic year in which it is rewarded in order to receive the full scholarship. To apply for a scholarship, simply complete the form below or print out the PDF version to fill out and submit via mail. If you fill out the online form, don’t forget to mail in your transcript and 3-5 letters of recommendation. Applications are due postmarked by June 1.

PDF versions of scholarship applications

Foundation Scholarships
Due June 1 each year.

Snyder, Jellum, and Newlin Scholarships – for study abroad
Due June 1 each year.