Excelsior, according to our Ritual, is striving for those things that are highest and noblest in an effort to be ever advancing. It is represented by the star adorning our badges which is meant to be a star of hope and guidance. The FarmHouse Excelsior program seeks to do the same. As the star serves as a guide for each member, the FarmHouse Excelsior program shall serve as a guide for each chapter as a whole.


FarmHouse Excelsior is a cornerstone assessment program designed to be simple and multifaceted for chapter, advisor, headquarter and campus professional use. It helps the chapter determine goals that are most urgent and effective for the growth of that chapter, it helps advisors hold chapters accountable and it helps headquarters staff to quickly understand the chapter’s needs and gather resources to help in the effort. Overall, it gives each entity a common language so that we can ensure that every step we take is a step in the same direction. For a complete description of each achievement, CLICK HERE

The Excelsior program’s 40 achievements are broken into three distinct categories. You can find descriptions below:

  • One-Star
  • Two-Star
  • Three-Star


The one-star Excelsior achievements are seen by FarmHouse Fraternity as the minimum standards necessary for a functioning chapter. All one-star achievements are required to be completed by each chapter. The purpose of this format is to provide structure around chapter operations and ensure chapters consistently complete their basic functions. Everything must be submitted at the end of each semester.

At the end of each semester, a formal letter is sent to each chapter’s advisors and executive board outlining their Excelsior status from the completed semester. If a chapter fails to meet these minimum standards for a semester, they are placed on probation. Failure to meet these standards in consecutive semesters will result in the chapter’s executive board appearing before an International Executive Board-appointed committee.


For a chapter to earn two-star status, all one-star and at least six of the 12 two-star achievements must be completed by the end of each semester.


For a chapter to earn three-star status, all one-star and two-star achievements must be completed, plus six of the 12 three-star achievements. Everything must be submitted by the end of each semester. Chapters that earn three-star status are eligible for the Ruby Cup, FarmHouse’s highest honor for an undergraduate chapter.