Our duty as consultants is to build relationships with members and provide personalized support to the men of FarmHouse. We seek to elevate chapters and associations by sharing a knowledgeable, outside perspective through feedback based on their needs. We walk with our chapters in order to promote the unity of our membership and the continued progress of our organization as a whole.  

  • Chapter Operations and Finance
  • Member Education
  • Member Recruitment and Retention
  • Ritual and Brand Utilization
  • Service and Philanthropy
  • Relationship and Communication with Stakeholders
  • Implementation of Excelsior
  • Transition of Officers

The support and advancement of our brothers, both individually and throughout our organization, is key. Together, the leaders of our chapters and our organization can continue to strive for what is highest and noblest. Led by the chapter president, the chapter is asked to provide the following on-site support:

  • Assist in participation and communication with members regarding events and activities.
  • Share the visit schedule and expectations.
  • Promote visit dates, programs, and activities in advance of consultant arrival.
  • Provide local data to track trends for FarmHouse Membership.
  • Provide adequate and appropriate accommodations: bed, blanket, pillow, towel, internet access, meals, and transportation.
  • Ensure the chapter house facility is clean and presentable.
  • Ensure chapter leadership is present and readily accessible.
  • Communicate major schedule conflicts should they arise.
  • Be hospitable and appropriately host the guest. (Have a dedicated officer present to greet an expected guest, hold a chapter house/campus tour early during the visit, have members introduce themselves, etc.)
  • Assist in providing any necessary presentation materials. (Projector, flip chart, markers, handouts etc.)

The Following can be expected from their consultant at all times:

  • Keep an honest and consistent relationship with their chapters.
  • Respond promptly to chapter inquiries.
  • Effort to attend chapter events during on-site visits.
  • Respect of members, community.
  • Facilitate engaging presentations and activities.
  • Provide insightful feedback.
  • Encourage chapters to constantly make progress.
  • Be available and present.
  • Assist in chapter goal setting

A typical semester is broken up into three parts. The first part of a consultant’s schedule is focused on recruitment, the second part is chapter visits and the last segment is focused on officer transitions. The goals of each are as follows:


  • To provide in-depth recruitment strategies and resources
  • Help train in organization of recruitment process
  • To provide feedback and constructive questions to help improve the process
  • To act as an extra hand in assisting with recruiting efforts

Chapter Visits

  • Communicate with chapter about needs
  • Support chapter in any way possible
  • Provide feedback and provocative discussion
  • Work with the chapter and attend meetings and events
  • Assist with Excelsior and answer questions

Officer Transitions

  • Ensuring knowledge is transferred
  • Helping to ensure progress is not lost
  • Helping prepare outgoing officers for the future
  • Assisting in preparation for incoming officers