FarmHouse Fraternity Partners with Dyad Strategies

September 17, 2019

FarmHouse Fraternity announced it has entered into a five-year partnership with Dyad Strategies, a consulting firm specializing in applied research and assessment. As part of this collaboration, Dyad Strategies will conduct an annual assessment of the entire FarmHouse membership. The goals of this assessment will be to help the Fraternity better understand the culture of its undergraduate chapters and to better understand the impact that membership in FarmHouse has on student learning, growth and development.

In year one of the partnership, Dyad Strategies will conduct qualitative research to better understand how undergraduate members conceptualize and operationalize the values of the Fraternity. From there, Dyad Strategies will build a personalized member assessment tool for the Fraternity. This assessment tool will map a variety of measures to developmental constructs associated with the Fraternity’s values. These constructs will be measured at the individual level over time in order to better understand how membership in FarmHouse impacts the beliefs, values, and behaviors of Fraternity members. Dyad will also deliver training and educational programs to FarmHouse staff, students and volunteers.

“FarmHouse is excited to sign a multi-year partnership with Dyad Strategies,” said FarmHouse CEO Christian Wiggins. “Their industry-leading approach will engage members from each of our chapters in demonstrating how our Fraternity is realizing our ‘Builders of Men’ motto through a meaningful member experience. We are grateful for the generous support of the FarmHouse Foundation who has made this opportunity possible.”

“FarmHouse is committed to providing a value-added membership experience, and we are thrilled to partner with them in that effort,” said Dyad CEO Dr. Gentry McCreary. “Our partnership will allow the fraternity to focus in on the things that matter most in moving the needle towards a more developmental membership experience. We are excited to add them to our growing list of organizational partners.”

Dyad Strategies LLC is a consulting firm specializing in applied research and assessment, working in partnership with colleges/universities and fraternal organizations to measure and improve the impact of their work. Partners Gentry McCreary, Ph.D., and Joshua Schutts, Ph.D. are widely recognized as leading scholars in areas related to the fraternity/sorority experience. To learn more about Dyad Strategies, visit their website at