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The jewelry of the Fraternity has been designed in an attempt to express ideals through conventional symbols.  The badge and recognition pin should then have special significant to the wearer.

Originally fraternity jewelry was handmade and without special dies so that each piece was unique and varying conditions of excellence existed, dependent upon the craftsman. In modern manufacture, dies and tools are necessary to insure the uniform size, quality and detail of every badge.  As FarmHouse Fraternity jewelry is made, except for the dies used in the base, all details of the badge are done by hand with an excellence unparalleled.

The dies are trimmed and hand sawed.  The jewels which are perfect Oriental cultured pearls and hand cut rubies are set by hand. The enameling, stoning, polishing, and assembling are hand operations. The craftsmen who work on these badges apprentice for six years before they are qualified to perform the most intricate and detailed operations of their own special facet of work.

Complete records are made of all manufacturing operations so that each order of badges may be reproduced exactly in conformity with the original order. Badges are numbered at the factory. Upon request, a member’s badge may be engraved with his chapter, date of initiation, and initial and last name.

Printable Order Form (in excel format)

All Jewelry is Manufactured by Herff Jones Company and must be
ordered through FarmHouse Fraternity, Inc.

"Available for purchase by Members and FarmHouse family members only."

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