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What is Honorary Membership?

Honorary membership in FarmHouse is extended by the FarmHouse International Board to men who are outstanding in agriculture or its related sciences; fulfill the objectives and high standards of FarmHouse; and/or are a source of inspiration to his associates and acquaintances. A man nominated for Honorary Membership may not be a member of another social fraternity. Honorary members have full rights and privileges of membership. In distinguishing between associate and honorary members, associate members are selected and initiated at a local chapter/association level, while honorary members are selected by the International Board and initiated at Conclave.

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BENTLEY, Orville, 1964
BERTRAND, Anson R., 1978
BOHL, Lawrence, 1986
BOTTUM, J. Carroll, 1960
BURTON, Glen, 1984
CARPENTER, Farrington, 1968
CARTER, Jack F., 1978
CATRON, Damon V., 1964
CROWDER, Richard D. (2011)
DANSKINE, William P., 1964
GILES, William, 1966
GRIFFITH, Curtis, 2008
HENRY, David H., 1974
HOLT, Donald A., 2002
HOPE, Clifford R., 1964
JESNESS, Oscar B., 1960
JOHNSON, Paul C., 1968
JONES, Randy (2014)
KEPPY, Roy, 1986
KIRK, Charles E., 1980
KRAUS, James E., 1968
LONG, C.M., 1950
MCCONNELL, Richard, 1998
MOHLER, Marshall A., 1980
MOSHER, Martin L., 1958
MUNDT, John P., 1980
MURPHEY, Michael Martin, 1990
OLIVER, Alvin E., 1962
OLIVER, John P., 1986
PECK, Francis, 1958
RATCHFORD, C. Brice, 1966
SCHLAPHOFF, Elmer C., 1970
SAYRE, Allan R. (2010)
THOMPSON, Louis M., 1962
TROXLER, Steven (2014)
TWIEHAUS, Marvin J., 1976
VERRETT, Steve, 2008
WORKMAN, Don, 1982

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