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Term and Initiation Reports


Executive Committee
The Board of Directors may designate an Executive Committee, which shall consist of four (4) or more directors. The Executive Committee shall have and exercise the authority of the Board of Directors in the management of the Association. The Executive Committee will be authorized to make emergency repairs of the house, make decisions related to emergency situations with the Chapter and assist with planning Board Meetings. The following listed four officers should be part of the Executive Committee.

1. Association President: The President is responsible for the overall operations of the FarmHouse Association.

  • He presides at all Association Board meetings and should provide a written agenda for each meeting.
  • He is charged with coordinated the annual plan of action for the Association and ensures the regular long-term planning of the Association takes place.
  • He establishes committees, as needed, and oversees the work of all officers and Board Members.
  • Writes a column for the alumni newsletter.
  • Works closely with the Chapter in planning for the Annual Meeting of the Association, Founders Days and other alumni events.
  • Should coordinate the biannual filing of a financial and activities report to Conclave.

2. Association Vice President (Housing): The Vice President is charged primarily with physical plant maintenance, repair and upkeep of the Chapter house.

  • He works closely with the Chapter's Director of House Operations to ensure that the Chapter house meets fire and health codes and to address housing needs as they arise.
  • The Vice President is the liaison with any contractors for repairs or construction
  • Oversees the Chapter's long-term needs for housing.
  • If the Chapter rents, he will often be the Board's liaison to the landlord.
  • The Vice President officiates meetings in the absence of the President.

3. Association Treasurer: Coordinates the collection of Association revenue and its disbursement. He should develop a yearly budget for the Association and report on the financial status of the Association at each business meeting. The Treasurer shall be the custodian of the permanent funds and securities of the Association and he shall keep a full and complete record of all receipts and disbursements. Finally, he must file the proper 1099 and 990 tax forms with the government for the Association. The Treasurer may also have these responsibilities:

  • Assist the Chapter with its financial management and budgeting, including monthly review of financial statements.
  • Assist the Chapter officers (VP-Finance, Director of Housing) in collecting monies due (dues, rent, etc.)
  • Chairs the Annual Audit Review Committee for the Chapter
  • Assist and oversee the Chapter VP - Finance with the Chapter's accounting efforts via Quickbooks Online
  • Work with Chapter VP - Finance and accountant in completing necessary tax forms (W2s, 990, 1099, state tax forms, filing requirements, etc.)
  • Ensure the Chapter's accounts receivable is paid in full
  • Guide the Chapter's officer transition with the Chapter VP - Finance
  • Present a yearly financial summary at each Association Annual Meeting.

4. Association Secretary: The Secretary should:

  • Maintain a complete typewritten record of all meetings of the Association and of the Board in a permanent Association Minutes record book.
  • Shall be responsible for mailing all notices and ballots for Board Meetings and the Annual Meeting and shall provide a written report of the results of all balloting.
  • Shall maintain a file of mailing addresses, emails and phone numbers for all members of the Association Board, the Chapter Advisory Committee and Foundation Council officers.
  • Shall work with the Director of Alumni Relations from the Chapter to ensure current contact information is maintained and updated of all area and Chapter alumni.

Board Mentors to the Chapter Officers
The following optional officers can be elected by the members of the Board or appointed by the Association President within two weeks of his election: Recruitment Mentor, Membership Educator Mentor and Risk Management Mentor. These officers serve this role for the Board and alumni and should work in conjunction with undergraduate officers who share the same areas of responsibility. Well-established Association Boards may choose to appoint other vice presidents and committees as the need arises.

5. Recruitment Mentor: Helps the Chapter achieve its recruitment goals and helps facilitate recruitment workshops. He helps the Chapter develop a recruitment strategy and provides guidance on the Chapter's recruiting criteria. He facilitates alumni involvement in the recruitment process. The annual membership drive should be concentrated at the beginning and end of each academic year. This will focus intensive recruitment efforts into a period of a few months, leaving the remainder of the year open for planning. The Association will receive alumni address updates from Headquarters periodically.

  • Work closely with the Chapter's Vice President of Recruitment to target and identify top incoming student leaders for membership in FarmHouse.
  • Help coordinate the contact of alumni for the purposes of identifying prospective men to recommend to the Chapter for recruitment.
  • Assist the Chapter in planning and coordinating summer or spring recruitment events, particularly events that might involve alumni and parents.
  • Assist the Chapter in producing materials for the recruitment period
  • Help the Chapter utilize alumni for other aspects of the recruiting process, such as lodging for summer recruitment team traveling the state for personal visits, donating food/supplies for recruitment purposes, offering homes for recruitment events.

6. Membership Education Mentor: Since Chapters are expected to schedule educational programming in conjunction with their regular Chapter meetings and new member education meetings, it's recommended that Associations have a Board Member who is mentor to the Director of New Member Education and Total Member Educator. Assist the Membership Educator develop a program and set goals and objectives

  • Assists the Director of New Member Education in identifying alumni with expertise in particular areas for programming topic presentations at new member education meetings - such as attorneys - risk management; CEOs or HR directors for resume writing session, etc.
  • Assists the Total Member Educator in identifying alumni with expertise in particular areas as possible guest speakers or workshop facilitators for total member education presentations - topics ranging from personal, career, organizational to service.
  • Help Chapter officers better learn about the resources available to them - from FarmHouse International web resources, Collegiate Life Knowledge program, to Career Center and Health Center on campus.
  • Encourage the Chapter to involve other organizations such as sororities and non-Greek groups in their member education activities
  • Assist in gathering alumni to attend the pledging and initiation ceremonies

7. Risk Management Mentor: This officer will focus on the Chapter's risk management program, particularly as it applies to the Chapter house. He will often be the liaison to the insurance carriers and local inspection agencies and should work closely with the Director of Housing and Housemother or Resident Advisor.

  • Assist the Director of Risk Management with his program and meeting his goals
  • Help conduct a risk management workshop for the entire Chapter
  • Assist the Chapter in developing a written risk-management program
  • Conduct inspections on the Chapter house with the Association Vice President and the Chapter's Directors of Risk Management and Housing (fire code, property security, etc.)
  • Advise the Chapter on how to perform risk assessments before each Chapter event

Additional Officers
8. Annual Founders Day Chair

  • Working with the Chapter Director of Alumni Relations and Association President to establish date/time/locations for event
  • Responsible for making arrangements with site management/hotel
  • Work with Chapter to plan program/activities/events, prepare invitations, ballot for Board elections, prepare printed program.

9. Annual Homecoming Event Chair

  • Working with the Chapter Director of Alumni Relations and Association President to establish date/time/locations for event
  • Responsible for making arrangements with site management/hotel
  • Work with Chapter to plan program/activities/events, prepare invitations, prepare printed program
  • Help local alumni coordinate/host events with their pledge classes or pledge class decades.

10. Special Events Chair (Golf Tourney, Summer Picnic, Parents Day events):

  • Work with various Chapter officers on Special Events as Board determines - such as Golf outings, alumni events with new members, etc.

11. Chapter Executive/Association Board Retreat Chair

  • Work with Chapter and Association Board to schedule dates/times/location for annual Joint Retreat between incoming Chapter executive committee and Association board
  • Work with Chapter president to plan agenda, schedule activities, retreat objectives
  • Plan for long range-planning/goal setting of Chapter and Association

12. Nominating Committee Chair

  • Identify and secure candidates for election to the Association Board
  • Ensure that all decades of members of the Chapter are represented on the Association Board, target and recruit candidates to fit expectation
  • Seek to identify a well-rounded board, targeting alumni with various areas of expertise to assist the Association (finance/accounting, property management, legal, etc.).

13. Alumni Newsletter Coordinator/Editor

  • Work closely with the Chapter to publish at least 2 Chapter newsletters per year (at least 50 percent of the news about alumni)
  • Assist with rounding up alumni news for the newsletter, help Chapter identify alumni to profile in the newsletter
  • Possibly serve as editor or co-editor of the newsletter and help with design, planning and executive

14. Alumni Big Brother Coordinator

  • Work closely with the Director of New Member Education from the Chapter to identify alumni willing to serve as Alumni Big Brothers for each of the pledge class members. Once majors are determined pair up with an alumnus in his field. Seek to make local connections when possible - although email technology will enable you to link pledges and with Alumni Big Brothers who live in other parts of the continent.

15. Alumni Phone-a-thon Coordinator

  • Work closely with the Foundation Council and Chapter to coordinate an annual Phone-A-Thon to alumni of the Chapter - for specific purposes or annual campaign drive. Donations can be requested for educational purposes through Foundation Council or to the Association for specific Chapter house upgrades (new roof, new windows, etc.). Must be specific and clear that any donations made to the Association will not be tax-deductible to the donor.

Undergraduate Representatives
The Association Board should also include the Chapter President, Director of House Operations, and the VP - Finance from the Chapter, though some Chapters may operate differently. They should be full voting members. The members of the Chapter advisory committee, if not on the board, should be at least an ex-officio member of the Association Board and be invited and expected to attend Association Board Meetings and the Annual Meeting of the Association.

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