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About the Campaign

We’re looking for 100 alumni and friends of FarmHouse Fraternity to step forward and leave a combined Legacy of $1 Million to continue Building the Leaders of Tomorrow in perpetuity. This campaign is unique because we are not asking for your gift today, but to promise it for the future.

Our goal is for 100 of us to make a new bequest or other planned gift of $10,000 or more. $10,000 is the threshold the Foundation Trustees have established for a named endowment that becomes a permanent part of the Foundation’s support for the Fraternity.

It's Easy!
Providing for a bequest or other planned gift doesn’t require a lot of time or expense. It can be as easy as including a simple bequest in your will, adding a codicil to an existing will, or naming the Foundation as the beneficiary of a portion of an IRA or insurance policy.

In Return
    • You can do more for FarmHouse, but not today, because you are not actually making this gift during
            your lifetime.
    • You have access to your assets throughout your lifetime.
    • Your generosity and leadership will be recognized and appreciated by FarmHouse Fraternity &

The Result
"100 Legacies In The Making" will grow the Foundation's endowment by over $1 million and enable the Foundation to help build the Fraternity of the future.

Or if you prefer, you can enjoy the fruit of your gift today. After considering an estate or other planned gift, several of those numbered in the 100 Legacy donors thus far have decided they'd like to see their gift in action today Building the Leaders of Tomorrow!

To learn more about how to get involved and leave your legacy, browse through the 100 Legacies website by following the links on the right.

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