Campaign Success

With Your Support, We Did It!

Live. Learn. Lead.—The Campaign for FarmHouse
Surpasses $20 Million Goal With Six Months Remaining

“We envision FarmHouse as a premier leadership organization which  attracts the best and brightest men, supports their education in and out of the classroom, provides them with a support system, and with a safe, comfortable and affordable home to live in, and will continue to be a Builder of Men for generations to come.”

This bold vision for Live. Learn. Lead. was celebrated at the 49th Biennial Conclave when the FarmHouse Foundation announced its $20 million goal had been achieved six months ahead of schedule, and will officially conclude on February 28, 2017.

At the Celebration Banquet on August 6, Fundraising Chair and Master Builder Darrell Godfrey (IA ’73) announced the accomplishment of the significant goal. Representatives from 11 chapters raised large display boards in a suspenseful moment as the total was shared. As of Conclave, Live. Learn. Lead. – The Campaign for FarmHouse stood at $22,010,367, and counting. 

In March 2011 the Foundation started the silent phase of the Campaign. In developing the Campaign, it was determined that more financial support is required for competitive chapter housing (live.), academic and study abroad scholarships (learn.) and values-based learning initiatives (lead.) for FarmHouse members’ success. 

The Foundation kicked off the Campaign’s public membership phase at the 48th Biennial Conclave in July 2014 with the announcement that $12.1 million, more than half of the goal, had been raised. 

Allison Rickels, Foundation Executive Director, said, “These last few years, we have done a lot of listening, communicating with and engaging alumni, creating new giving programs and societies, offering more services and staff support for chapter housing campaigns, and helping donors find what they are passionate about investing in.”

“This Campaign is about our future,” she continued. “It is about making sure FarmHouse can sustain its remarkable ability to educate and assist young men to become the leaders of tomorrow who will make a difference in the world. It is also comprehensive–every gift, nearly 18,000 since we began counting on March 1, 2011, is a part of this success. Donors have shown they are ready and willing, locally and internationally, to support the Fraternity in significant ways.”

More than 4,300 donors have contributed to the Campaign, to date. Outgoing Foundation Chairman and Master Builder Jim Tobin (IA ’76) said, “The success of the Campaign is an incredible vote of confidence. We exceeded our $20 million goal and expanded our donor outreach. As a result, we have provided more funding to the Fraternity, chapters, associations and individuals than ever before. Each donor has made his or her mark on our Fraternity, and we are proud that the vision of this Campaign resonates with so many alumni, parents and friends.”

Tobin added, “We have six months remaining and we’re not stopping. We need to continue to think and invest even bigger than ever before. The Campaign has allowed us to honor all that FarmHouse has achieved and assures that we can continue to support the next generation of exceptional FarmHouse men in unprecedented ways. I invite all alumni and friends to invest in this historic Campaign in the next six months. I guarantee your investment will be well worth it!”

Live. Learn. Lead. – The Campaign for FarmHouse will conclude on February 28, 2017, with the 2nd Annual FH Day of Giving and marking the last day of the Foundation’s 2016-17 fiscal year.

Live. Learn. Lead.