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Wichita State

Wichita State
We are excited to be bringing FarmHouse to the campus of Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas. Expansion staff will be on site starting mid-September, 2014 with hopes of full colonization in December. Staff will be working within the campus and community to recruit men who share the same values that FarmHouse has believed in since 1905. Wichita State Fraternal Community is strong in academics and community service which makes it a perfect relationship for FarmHouse.

The Wichita area also possesses a rich FarmHouse alumni base which we will be counting on for strong support of our newest group. Any alumni or friends who know students attending Wichita State University, or who would want to be involved in the Wichita Alumni Club are encouraged to contact Drew Goering at

FarmHouse officially colonized the Clemson interest group  in Clemson, SC. The colony continues to develop a strong presence on the Clemson campus and continues to work towards charting. Interested in learning more about the current FarmHouse colony at Clemson? Check out their Facebook page or follow them on twitter @FHClemson.

In addition, we are continuing to search for alumni or friends of FarmHouse in the Clemson area to continue to help support the colony. Any alumni or friends who know students attending Clemson University, or who would want to become involved in the Clemson Alumni Club are encouraged to contact the Tim Hadachek at

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