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The purpose of the consultation with chapters and associations by a member of the International Executive Board, the FarmHouse International staff or another representative of the International Fraternity is:

  1. To have the chapter and association, through careful preparation of reports in advance of the consultation, take stock or evaluate their positions at least once a year and to give thought to the development of ideas, which may lead to solutions of their problems.
  2. To offer the local groups opportunity to become better acquainted with the broad scope of operation of the Fraternity and to give them greater insight into the purposes and goals of our Fraternity.
  3. To give local groups an opportunity to discuss problems with someone who may have had a greater variety of experience in chapter and association operation.
  4. To allow the consulting representative the opportunity of sharing programs of other chapters and associations with the local groups.
  5. To offer suggestions for the improvement of local programs and solutions to local problems.
  6. To give recognition where such is warranted and to offer suggestions where programs are not clearly defined or are not in the best interest of the total organization.
  7. To bring an outside point of view to bear on local issues.
  8. To evaluate the effectiveness of local programs:
    • within the chapter
    • within the association
    • on campus
    • with the university
    • in the community
    • with alumni
  9. To give the consulting representative an opportunity to become acquainted with the staff personnel of the university so that:
    • he may better understand the environment in which the chapter and association operates.
    • he may express genuine interest in the university, its problems, and its programs as they relate to fraternities.

It is important that reports, as requested, be in order, and that questions are outlined for the most effective use of the time available.

All members of the chapter and association should feel free to participate in the consultation, to pose questions and to seek solutions to problems.  Discussions should be open and frank.

Consultations by FarmHouse International staff member, International Board Members or designated volunteers should allow adequate time for thorough and careful discussion with members of the association board, the chapter advisors and chapter officers.

Chapter and/or association officers will want to assume responsibility for making local arrangements for the consulting representative, such as appointments, lodging, and meeting the representative at the airport.

Travel arrangements to the site of the consultation are the responsibility of FarmHouse International and the consultants.


Date of visit:

After your Consultation Visit, please take some time with your Executive Committee to provide the International Fraternity with some feedback on your consultation experience. Your comments and suggestions would be most helpful in assisting the International Office in maintaining valuable and effective visits and resources for FarmHouse Chapters.

1. The priority action items addressed during this visit included:

2. The consultant's advanced preparation for the visit was (1=Poor, 10=Excellent)


3. Did the consultant clearly communicate expectations for the chapter visit before his arrival?

4. The consultant's ability to stimulate thinking in meetings was (1=Poor, 10=Excellent)


5. The consultant's ability to help generate new ideas was (1=Poor, 10=Excellent)


6. The consultant's ability to facilitate sessions was (1=Poor, 10=Excellent)


7. Did you find the post visit communication plan to be helpful?

8. What are the best methods for the consultant to communicate with chapter officers (e-mail, cell phone, facebook)?

9. What additional resources does the chapter need to be successful with their planned changes?

a. Additional Personal Visits
b. Web Resources
c. Alumni Support
d. Other

Please Explain:

10. How well did the consultant communicate his ideas about "Building Men?" (1=Poor, 10=Excellent)


11. How well did the consultant enhance the chapter's learning about building men? (1=Poor, 10=Excellent)


12. How well did the consultant do at addressing and helping provide solutions, ideas and resources for tackling the area you asked for assistance with? (1=Poor, 10=Excellent)


13. How well was the consultant able to relate to the chapter members? (1=Poor, 10=Excellent)


14. How well did the risk management program enhance the chapters understanding of risk management issues? (1=Poor, 10=Excellent)


15. What additional follow up do you need from the consultant in order to be successful?

16. What changes or additions would you like made to the consultation visit?

17. What was your overall impression of the consultation visit?

18. Any additional comments or questions?

When all is complete, please click on "Submit to HQ" or click "Clear" to reset all fields. It may take several minutes to submit this form. Click only once and please be patient.

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