FarmHouse continues its commitment to membership growth with FarmHouse GROWS. This three-day conference held in January during Conclave years focuses on recruitment and retention. The purpose of GROWS is to provide members with the skills and resources needed to successfully recruit a high quantity and quality of members into their chapters. More importantly, the conference provides members an opportunity to develop a specific, strategic plan for recruitment in their chapter.

Each chapter sends at least their Vice President of Recruitment to the weekend of intense recruitment training. As a result, recruitment chairs are no longer expected to attend FarmHouse Leadership Institute. Chapters with less than 40 members are encouraged to send up to four total participants while chapters with more than 40 members are asked to send two individuals. Those who attend should be prepared for a full three days of learning and planning. Days are scheduled from early morning until late night and will have little spare time.

This conference is an incredible opportunity for all chapters, big or small. The program not only provides members with strategies to find more members, but also how to recruit more high quality potential members. Each of us was recruited to FarmHouse and have experienced what this tremendous organization has to offer. Accordingly, we all need to be looking for more ways to effectively recruit others to share in that experience.


Registration for the conference will include a fee for food and lodging that is discounted as the result of contributions through the fraternity’s membership growth initiative. Travel costs will be covered by the fraternity in the form of a plane ticket booked by a staff member or mileage reimbursement for one vehicle for those driving. Please register in a timely manner so that our office can book cost effective flights.