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What is FarmHouse?

FarmHouse is a fraternity dedicated to the building of men. It's a college home in which a man can be: creative, share responsibilities, make lasting friendships, express his inner self in an atmosphere of trust and understanding, learn lessons in living in a community of which he is an integral part, be accepted as a participant, learn the essence of brotherhood, and learn the caring of one man - and of a community of men - for the individual, the brother, for the community, and for the mutual welfare. It is a Fraternity focused on the holistic development of young men through the four-fold mission of building men academically, spiritually, physically and socially-morally.

FarmHouse Social

Is FarmHouse a fraternal organization?

CrestYes. FarmHouse is a fraternity in every sense except it does not share the traditional Greek letters to denote its name. The organization is a member of the North American Interfraternal Conference, and has had a presence on 45 universities in the United States and Canada. Due to its history, FarmHouse does not use Greek letters in its name. Instead of standing for a Greek letter, each letter of FarmHouse stands for a value the organization stands for.

F - Faith
A - Ambition
R - Reverence
M - Morality
H - Honor
O - Obedience
U - Unity
S - Service
E - Excellence

Additionally, FarmHouse practices a non-secretive ritual, allowing all members, past, present and future, as well as campus friends and colleagues and family members to join the Fraternity in celebrating the rites of membership and observe the practice of our values through regular fellowship in our daily actions as well as through special ceremonies.

Clemson University

FarmHouse History at Clemson

FarmHouse first established a presence at Clemson University in the early 1990s and a formal chapter was chartered in 1995. The chapter started out with great success early on, earning top scholastic honors among fraternities during its first year as a colony. However, in following the national trend of fraternal membership, the early 2000s brought a decline in chapter membership and the Clemson Chapter of FarmHouse went in-active in 2005 due to low membership numbers.

Since that time, alumni of the chapter have remained and involved with the International Fraternity. In 2011, a FarmHouse Clemson Association was formed to further re-engage alumni in the region and across the state of South Carolina. This group of alumni are also in place to help support expansion and the re-establishment of a chapter of FarmHouse at Clemson University.

FarmHouse Expansion at Clemson

During the spring 2012 FarmHouse Fraternity will participate in men’s Rush the first two nights (January 22 and 23) as a means of re-introducing our Fraternity to the campus. Over the course of the spring semester we will continue to share with the campus, what FarmHouse is about as a men’s non-secretive, social fraternity, based on our four-fold development.

In fall 2012, FarmHouse Fraternity will fully participate in men’s Rush. In doing so, an interest group will be formally established, which provides recognition both from the International Fraternity as well as the campus as a student organization. This interest group will grow and develop into a recognized colony and member of IFC.

During the 2012-13 academic year, men affiliated with the FarmHouse interest group and colony, will receive support in a number of ways from our alumni brothers in the region, the headquarters staff, established chapters located in the Southeast and the Clemson Greek community. Men affiliated and leadership involved will be invited to attend the educational programs and services offered to FarmHouse members such as leadership conferences and online chapter operations support and resources.

By identifying and recruiting high-caliber men, committed to the ideals of our Fraternity and who maintain high academic standards and are committed to campus and civic involvement, it is our intention to charter a chapter at Clemson University in the fall of 2013.

Where is FarmHouse located?

While our International office is located in Kansas City, MO., chapters are spread across the country, primarily at major land-grant universities, from North Carolina State to the University of Alberta, Texas A&M to the University of Minnesota, and dozens of campuses in between.

Farmouse Brothers

Do I have to major in a field of agricultural study to be a member?

No. Although FarmHouse started out allowing only agricultural students in, any male student belonging to any discipline of study is allowed admittance.

How FarmHouse started:

FarmHouse was founded by seven men who first met through a YMCA bible study at the University of Missouri  on April 15, 1905. These men came together to organize a fellowship of men whose interests were based in agriculture. Initially, the idea was to not make a fraternity, but merely a club of like-minded individuals who lived together. They chose the name “FarmHouse” to distance themselves from Greeks, because it was thought at the time that Greek houses promoted snobbishness and exclusiveness. After these seven founding members returned the next fall with one roommate each, seven became 14, and FarmHouse was born.

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Want to learn more?

Explore the FarmHouse web page and these links for more information or contact Tim Hadachek, with the International Staff.

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