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The FarmHouse International Fraternity Headquarters has a wide range of resources, services, programs and support available to chapters, colonies, alumni associations, chapter advisors and individual members. The following list is just a brief synopsis of the many services and programs available through the International Fraternity. The International Fraternity is constantly attempting to improve and expand the services to individual chapters and members, so please feel free to share your suggestions on how FarmHosue International Fraternity can more effectively assist your chapter, association or colony.

Hands-On Support

Consultation Visits
Visits from headquarters staff as well as past and present members of the International Executive Board, Regional Advisory Council members and other volunteers are scheduled each year to assist in chapter development. The staff and volunteers are available to help chapters and colonies in all facets of chapter life and operation, including organization, motivation and leadership development.

Targeted Program Visits
Each chapter receives a targeted programming visit by one of our staff Educational Leadership Consultants at least annually. These visits include 1-on-1 meetings with chapter officers, advisors and association leaders as well as campus officials. The Educational Leadership Consultants also schedule a Risk Management workshop and workshop on standards/the Individual Award of Excellence/accountability during the visits. As time permits, the ELC will also be available to put on an additional educational program/workshop for the chapter, as required.

Regional Advisory Councils
An advisory group of volunteers focus on assisting their assigned chapters by helping to provide resources, support and onsite visits to chapters and associations over a 2-3 year period.

Association/Advisor Support Visits
The Fraternity is piloting these 1-day visits (8 hours each) with six FarmHosue Associations and teams of Chapter Advisors in 2005-2006. The program covers issues related to housing, operating and leading Associations and working closely with chapters on a variety of issues. Sessions led by veteran Association Leaders/Advisors and staff.


The FarmHouse conclave is the biennial gathering of all chapter and alumni association delegates from throughout North America. The legislative portion of the Conclave sets policy, conducts business and gives direction to the Fraternity for the next two years. In addition to the many educational seminars that are held throughout Conclave, there is a positive growth of brotherhood and networking beyond the local chapter.

FarmHouse Leadership Institute
The Leadership Institute is a 4-track program designed to help new Chapter Presidents, VPs of Recruitment, VPs of Finance and Directors of New Member Education better understand their roles and leadership responsibilities. It takes place in early January. The Leadership Institute includes sessions on leadership, motivation, risk management, strategic planning and provides opportunities for sharing ideas and improving communications between the Chapters and International Fraternity.

Regional Leadership Conference
The goals of the RLC are the explore leadership topics, address risk management issues and provide a forum for chapter members to interact and share ideas while informally, developing a broader sense of brotherhood and networking beyond the local chapter. The conference also focuses on topics that directly relate to our chapters like recruitment and alumni relations along with their personal development with career focus sessions.

Expansion Program
A variety of resources and materials are available to assist new chapters getting started. Most of these resources are now available online, and range from model bylaws, model meeting format to development of an Association. Please contact the International Office if you have friends on other campuses wanting to start a FarmHouse Chapter there.

Chapter Awards
Every year the International Office makes available certificates (fees for certificate, plaquing, shipping
apply) for each chapters’ recipient of the:

  • Doane Award (outstanding senior)
  • Snyder Award (outstanding alumnus)
  • Joan “Chad” Skinner Award (honoring the contributions women make to the Fraternity)
  • Friend of FarmHouse Award

FarmHouse International Awards

  • The Chapter Award of Excellence for chapters that excel in performance of their chapter operations (meeting 90 percent or more of standards)
  • 12 Chapter Programming Awards (two divisions – Green & Gold Chapters)
  • The traveling Ruby Cup is presented to the overall Outstanding Chapter each year.
  • The Summa Cum Laude Award for those chapters with an average GPA 30% above the all men’s average on their respective campuses
  • The Outstanding Newsletter Award
  • The Outstanding Web Site Award
  • Most Improved Chapter
  • Outstanding President of the Year
  • Outstanding Community Service Man of the Year

Conclave Awards
Additional awards presented solely at Conclave include:

  • The Master Builder of Men Award, the highest honor that FarmHouse can bestow on an alumnus, is presented in recognition of the member’s unselfish leadership and service to his fellow man, both within the fraternity and beyond.
  • In addition, Honorary Membership is bestowed on outstanding individuals whose lives fulfill the objectives and high standards of FarmHouse Fraternity
  • The President’s Trophy is presented to the chapter with the most men traveling the furthest distance to attend.

The FarmHouse Foundation
The Fraternity’s Educational Foundation provides scholarships and grants to members, chapters and the International Fraternity for educational projects and programs, examples include: RLC’s, the FarmHouse Leadership Academy, Conclave, scholarships an chapter educational program grants.


Pearls and Rubies
A magazine published 4 times per year, sent to all FarmHouse members around the world. It is designed to strengthen the ties of brotherhood, provide a medium of communication between the chapters and alumni and to aid in more fully acquainting the general public, particularly parents of members, potential new members and university administration and faculty, with the men of FarmHouse and their ideals.

Inside FH
A bi-weekly update online newsletter to chapter leaders, advisors, association leaders and other Fraternity leaders – keeping all updated of Fraternity news, notes and reminders.

The FarmHouse Flash
An official internal publication of the International Office designed to focus on providing risk management information and to assist in keeping chapter, colony and association presidents and officers up-to-date with happenings, concerns, deadlines, and special notes of interest, a tool to promote strong chapter/International Office communications.

The Recruiter
A newsletter produced 3 times during the school year that outlines The 10% Initiative and gives recruitment suggestions and ideas to our members.


Chapter Planning Guide
Each fall chapter/colony presidents, advisors and association presidents are supplied with a handbook with policies, applications and forms that will be required throughout the year as well as a detailed academic year calendar complete with notes concerning special dates and deadlines to assist in chapter organization and planning.

FarmHouse Leadership Academy Notebooks
A comprehensive handbook of resource materials for Chapter Presidents, VPs of Recruitment, VPs of Finance and Directors of New Member Education each January at the FarmHouse Leadership Academy.

Officer E-mail Lists
At the beginning of each term we send an email out to each chapter officer pointing them in the direction of the variety of resources we have to help them succeed on our web site at In order for us to have the most accurate and update email information of you chapter officers, it’s vital that new chapter presidents complete the Chapter Officer Update Form.

Exhibit Displays
Chapters have the opportunity to purchase vinyl pop up displays in 2 designs. The first design features images highlighting each of the Fraternity's 4 Aspects. The second design is an "infographic" highlighting information about the Fraternity, such as high academics, non-secretive Ritual and alcohol-free chapter housing. Contact to learn how you can purchase these items for use at your chapter. 

Pledge pins, monogram lapel pins and several styles of membership badges are available and described in the jewelry brochure along with chapter letter guards and officer dangles. Go to for pictures and an order form.

Videotape Library
A variety of videotapes dealing with topics ranging from risk management to study to communications and leadership skills are available through the International Office at no charge, except postage.

Membership Records
Maintaining accurate and up-to-date addresses and other alumni information is an on-going project of the International Office. The Office makes available to chapters and associations, computer print-outs and/or adhesive labels of alumni addresses sorted by chapter, geographical locations, initiation year, etc. In addition, alumni directories are also made available to chapters and individual alumni.

Copies of individual chapter newsletters and assistance in preparing a chapter newsletter are available from the International Office upon request.

Reference Library
A history of the International Fraternity as well as individual chapters are kept on file, as well as memorabilia, past award winners, chapter newsletters, Pearls and Rubies, interfraternity publications, copies of recent chapter Programming Awards entries and other numerous documents are available, or a photocopy of them, upon request.

Alumni Directories
Commercially printed directories arranging alumni by alphabetical, chapter and geographical listings; a new edition is published every five years. The 2005 edition included a 30-page history section with photos of each FarmHouse Chapter House. One copy was distributed to each chapter for chapter use.

Online Resources/Officer Handbooks
Hundreds of documents, resources and handbooks are available at to assist chapter leaders, advisors and Associations. The resources include 17 chapter officer resource handbooks, along with specific files to help each chapter officer with his position. variety of other new resources and handbooks are available on the site in the resources section as well.

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